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Martinsville Bulletin: More shows for Rooster Walk? County gives approval for expansion

Martinsville Bulletin: More shows for Rooster Walk? County gives approval for expansion

April 26, 2017

COLLINSVILLE - Rooster Walk Inc. will now be able to hold four additional one-night events per year at Pop’s Farm, based on a Henry County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) decision on Wednesday.

The non-profit Rooster Walk Inc. had requested an amendment to the special use permit initially approved in Jan. 2014 allowing the organization to host events at Pop’s Farm, located at 675 Hobson Road in Axton. Under the previous special use permit, Rooster Walk was allowed to use the property to host two events: Its annual four-day Rooster Walk Music and Arts Festival, and one additional one-night concert event. The previous special use permit also stipulated that the acreage used for the events could not be increased without an amendment to the permit (except in the case of parking), and that no more than two events could be held in one calendar year.

Rooster Walk asked the BZA to amend the special use permit to allow the organization to hold four additional one-night music events per calendar year. Rooster Walk board president Shane Pinkston spoke to the BZA on behalf of the organization.

"This just gives us more flexibility," Pinkston told the Bulletin, adding that there's no specific plans in place as yet. 

The goal, he said, was to focus on outdoor music events, looking to bring in crowds each time of 200 to 300 people. 

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