Harvest Foundation partners with Community Recovery Program to help jobseekers

Harvest Foundation partners with Community Recovery Program to help jobseekers

November 17, 2017

The Harvest Foundation has awarded a two-year grant of $520,033 to Piedmont Community Services, for the Community Recovery Program (CRP), to expand their service area to jobseekers not selected for employment because they were unable to pass a pre-employment drug test.

The current CRP model provides services to individuals who are free from substance use for at least six months. The program connects participants with relapse prevention support and links them to employment opportunities and other community resources that lead to long-term recovery. With this expansion of services, CRP will now have the ability to serve individuals beyond its current footprint to include those who have the necessary skills for employment but are unable to pass a drug test. These services will provide local employers and employment agencies a means to connect jobseekers to help in overcoming their substance use issues so they can be reconsidered for employment.

“Like many communities across the country, local employers are often challenged with finding potential employees who can pass a pre-employment drug test,” said Sheryl Agee, impact officer and team leader at The Harvest Foundation. “Substance use is having a negative impact on local families and our economy. We feel that Piedmont Community Services has put together a strong pilot program that will partner with employers to assist them in finding their needed workforce, while also providing support to individuals who want a job but need help overcoming their struggle with substance use.”

Greg Preston, executive director of Piedmont Community Services, said he is excited for CRP to have an opportunity to expand services to meet the needs of Martinsville-Henry County.

“This funding will allow CRP the ability to offer substance use services for pre-employment needs and to assist jobseekers with meeting employment requirements,” he said. “It is the agency’s hope that by partnering with local employers and the Workforce Center, individuals will have more of an opportunity to obtain stable employment and/or enroll in workforce development programs. Expanding services will enhance our ability to collaborate with community partners, which will broaden our service availability and provide a positive resource for our community.”

CRP’s program aligns within Harvest Foundation’s strategic plan of economic development by growing the area’s workforce. This expansion will work with individuals to ensure that substance use is no longer a factor, and that they are ready to successfully apply for and retain employment. Harvest strives to support economic growth in Martinsville-Henry County to meet the workforce needs of area businesses.

Piedmont Community Services has a proven history of success in its 45-year history of servicing Martinsville-Henry County. The organization has established effective collaborative partnerships across the community, and built strong relationships with local business and industry. Since the Community Recovery Program began in 2012, it has helped more than 200 people in recovery successfully re-enter the workforce.


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