Phoenix Community Development Corporation (PCDC)
Organization Information:
Executive Director: Sergio L. Amato
Phone: (276) 226-4529
Fax: (877) 349-7860
Office Address: 134 E. Church Street, Suite 200, Martinsville, Va 24114-1066
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1066

 Phoenix CDC believes that people thrive in vibrant communities where there are genuine opportunities. Our mission is to assemble public and private resources to develop real estate that will expand opportunities to own, manage and operate business enterprises in economically distressed areas as well as increase affordable housing. Our role is to foster a resilient economy that is built on the inherent strengths of the people and the places where one lives.

Grants Awarded to Phoenix Community Development Corporation (PCDC):
Oct 25, 2012 $ 87,500 over 3 months Operational
Oct 25, 2012 $ 50,000 over 3 months Pre-development
Apr 22, 2010 $ 249,500 over 2 years to fund pre-development work related to potential real estate projects in uptown


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