Hope Coalition of Martinsville and Henry County

Organization Information:
Executive Director: Lynn Ward
Phone: 276-403-5965
Fax: 276-638-6196
Office Address: 134 E Church St. Martinsville, VA
Email: info@HopeCoalitionMHC.org
Website: hopecoalitionmhc.org/

The UWHCM has worked with others all across the community to build the HOPE Coalition, a partnership of financial institutions, government agencies, civic and nonprofit organizations working together to improve the economic self-sufficiency of low-income and low-wealth families and individuals.  

Partners in the coalition take an entirely new approach to the issue of poverty.  When families in financial crisis request assistance from partners, they are given the opportunity to take charge of their money and their lives through personal financial management classes.  Partners also help connect families to other types of assistance that can help solve short-term problems, but help in achieving long-term success.

The main goal of Hope Coalition MHC is to connect people with educational opportunities and resources about the basics of budgeting, saving, banking and other financial management skills. The Coalition partners intend to work together to offer these resources to interested residents of Martinsville and Henry County so they may fulfill their financial dreams and goals.

Grants Awarded to Hope Coalition of Martinsville and Henry County :
Oct 28, 2010 $ 179,846 over 3 years to the HOPE Initiative for the development and implementation of a Financial Stability Council.
Dec 11, 2008 $ 120,000 over 1 year to the HOPE Initiative to continue focusing improving the financial literacy of individuals, working families, and high school students through tax assistance services, education, and outreach services
Dec 13, 2007 $ 60,000 over 1 year to improve the financial literacy of individuals, working families, and high school students through tax assistance services, education and outreach services. The HOPE initiative piloted in December 2006 and focused on three areas: increasing assets and building savings of working families and individuals, workplace/community financial education for various local corporate locations, and outreach and awareness workshops and other programming on financial issues.
Dec 14, 2006 $ 28,860 over 1 year to coordinate efforts around improving the self-sufficiency of working families with low incomes in the Martinsville-Henry County Community
Dec 14, 2006 $ 252,500 over 1 year to help area nonprofit organizations respond to the needs of individuals and families in personal financial crisis situations.


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