"Harvest helped the citizens of Sandy Level plant a seed of hope and success for our youth through its grant. We are grateful for the support of Harvest. "
- Garrett Dillard, Founder - Concerned Citizens of Sandy Level

City of Martinsville Police Department

Organization Information:
Executive Director: Michael E. Rogers, Chief of Police
Phone: 276-403-5000
Fax: 276-403-5306
Office Address: 55 West Church St. Martinsville, VA
Mailing Address: P.O. Box Box 1112
Email: mrogers@ci.martinsville.va.us
Website: www.ci.martinsville.va.us/Police/default.htm


Grants Awarded to City of Martinsville Police Department:
Aug 6, 2005 $ 14,305 over 1 year to assist Project Lifesaver, an initiative of the Sheriff's Office in Martinsville. The program started in 2001. It helps individuals suffering from Alzheimer's disease and related mental dysfunctional disorders. Disease victims receive tracking devices, which can help locate them if they become lost and confused. The grant will go toward additional receivers, transmitters, straps and equipment.
Feb 24, 2004 $ 20,000 over 2 years to continue and expand operation of the Police Bicycle Safety Rodeo in Martinsville and Henry County Public Schools


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