ANCHOR Commission

Organization Information:
Executive Director: Ricky Walker
Local Contact: Robin Campbell
Phone: (276) 403-4719
Fax: (276) 634-5375
Office Address: 313 East Market Street, Martinsville, Virginia

ANCHOR, a nonprofit organization, was created in 1972 to help troubled youth and keep them in the community, close to their families and support systems. In addition to its group home, ANCHOR provides GPS and outreach services that assisted about 45 youth in fiscal 2016.

In fiscal 2016, the ANCHOR Commission group home housed 26 young males in Martinsville. An estimated 75 percent of them had issues related to the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

Grants Awarded to ANCHOR Commission:
Dec 11, 2016 $ 10,000 over 6 months to implement the Seven Challenges: Comprehensive Counseling Program for Substance Use and Co-occurring Mental Health Programs


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