"Harvest helped the citizens of Sandy Level plant a seed of hope and success for our youth through its grant. We are grateful for the support of Harvest. "
- Garrett Dillard, Founder - Concerned Citizens of Sandy Level

Martinsville-Henry County Historical Society

Organization Information:
Local Contact: Virginia King
Phone: (276) 403-5361
Office Address: 2 East Main Street, Martinsville Virginia 24114
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 432, Martinsville, VA 24114
Website: www.mhchistoricalsociety.com/



Grants Awarded to Martinsville-Henry County Historical Society:
Aug 21, 2008 $ 93,068 over 1 year to match federal funds awarded to the Henry County Historical Society for the stabilization of the historic Henry County Courthouse.
Aug 6, 2005 $ 42,000 over 1 year to help maximize uptown as an important regional asset for Martinsville's future. 3 agencies, the Martinsville Uptown Revitalization Association, the Martinsville-Henry County Historical Society, and the Gateway Streetscape Foundation, Inc., plan to pool and apply their Harvest Foundation grants, strengths and interests to address the revitalization of Uptown Martinsville. This will be done through a series of greening efforts, market analyses and small business development programs.


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