New College Foundation
Organization Information:
Executive Director: Leanna Blevins
Local Contact: Autumn Morris
Phone: 276-403-5615
Fax: 276-403-5604
Office Address: 191 Fayette Street, Martinsville VA

New College Institute is a state-funded educational entity that provides access to bachelor's degree completion programs, master's degrees, teacher endorsement programs, teacher recertification courses, and more through partnerships with colleges and universities. NCI strives to be accessible and convenient for students of all ages. Our staff, faculty, and board members are all committed to making NCI a premier educational facility and experience for students and the community.

Our Mission: 

New College Institute is committed to making education beyond the associate’s degree level accessible and convenient to students of all ages in Southern Virginia.  Located in Martinsville-Henry County, NCI partners with colleges and universities to provide programs that meet the needs of students and employers regionally and statewide, and those that fill niches which draw upon special interests
Grants Awarded to New College Foundation:
Apr 24, 2014 $ 5,400,000 over 2 years to New College Foundation in support of New College Institute
Oct 25, 2012 $ 4,894,230 over 2 years to the New College Foundation to provide Operational Support for the New College Institute.
Sep 17, 2012 $ 8,000,000 over 3 years to New College Foundation for the Building on Baldwin project
Apr 22, 2010 $ 3,078,214 over 2 years to the New College Foundation for matching funds based on the State of Virginia's budget appropriations to the New College Institute.
May 8, 2008 $ 3,369,618 over 2 years to match funds requested from the State of Virginia General Assembly to support existing and proposed academic programs offered by New College Institute (NCI). Additionally, this grant will support educational outreach initiatives of NCI and enhance student recruitment and instructional technology. Lastly, the grant will be used to assist in increasing the number of teacher endorsements in the Martinsville and Henry County school systems, as well as provide operational support for NCI.
Jun 3, 2004 $ 2,000,000 over 1 year to advance the work for the establishment of the Institute for Integrated and Applied Studies, an institution of higher education, in the Martinsville region.
May 25, 2004 $ 75,000 over 1 year to $75,000 to continue public affairs, policy and informational efforts to bring an institution of higher education to the Martinsville region.
Feb 24, 2004 $ 220,000 over 1 year as a direct charitable expense to launch an effort to have the State Council on Higher Education in Virginia to conduct an analysis to bring a four-year college to Martinsville/Henry County.


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