Rural Health Consultants, Inc.
Organization Information:
Executive Director: Steve McDowell
Local Contact: Sheldon Weisgrau
Phone: 785-832-8778
Fax: 785-832-1420
Office Address: 2500 West Gth Street Suite H Lawrence KS 66049
Mailing Address: 2500 West Gth Street Suite H Lawrence KS 66049

Rural Health Consultants, Inc. (RHC) was formed in 1990 to help rural health providers and the communities they serve to achieve and maintain viable health systems and to cope more effectively with a complex and changing environment. We consult with rural health providers and community leaders to design and develop rural health systems that meet the clinical needs of the community.

Our approach to rural health care systems development is based on three important assumptions:

  • Health care is a local product.

    The planning and decision-making process for the development and delivery of health care services is best retained at the local level.

  • Rural is not small urban.

    The solutions to rural health problems are not found merely by downsizing and applying urban models.

  • For long-term viability, a coordinated, comprehensive health care delivery system is essential in rural settings.

    A community health system can only survive if it assures access to comprehensive services in the most efficient, client-focused manner possible.


Grants Awarded to Rural Health Consultants, Inc.:
Feb 24, 2004 $ 35,075 over 1 year as a direct charitable expense to determine the mix of patients and payors necessary for a viable community health center.


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