"Harvest helped the citizens of Sandy Level plant a seed of hope and success for our youth through its grant. We are grateful for the support of Harvest. "
- Garrett Dillard, Founder - Concerned Citizens of Sandy Level

Southern Environmental Law Center

Organization Information:
Executive Director: Rick Middleton
Local Contact: Kay Slaughter
Phone: 434-977-4090
Fax: 434-977-1483
Office Address: 201 West Main St. Suite 14 Charlottesville VA 22902
Mailing Address: 201 West Main St. Suite 14 Charlottesville VA 22902
Website: www.southernenvironment.org




Grants Awarded to Southern Environmental Law Center:
Aug 6, 2005 $ 62,500 over 1 year to support the launch of the Mayo and Smith River Initiative. This effort seeks to improve outdoor recreational opportunities for local residents and visitors and will help advance the $400,000 grant announced recently by the federal government. Both the Southern Environmental Law Center and Dan River Basin Association are engaged in this project and will use Harvest Foundation grant money for costs associated with it.
May 25, 2004 $ 50,000 over 1 year to build a constituency and to launch a Martinsville regional organization to maximize the beneficial development of the community's environmental resources and unique natural areas to create additional community wealth and jobs.


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