Southside Business and Technology Center

Organization Information:
Executive Director: Eva Doss
Local Contact: Shannon Compton
Phone: 276-638-2523
Fax: 276-638-2669
Office Address: 22 East Church Street, Suite 300 Martinsville Virginia 24112
Grants Awarded to Southside Business and Technology Center:
Apr 23, 2009 $ 375,000 over 2 years to assist in services to local businesses for employment retention and creation in Martinsville & Henry Co.
Dec 13, 2007 $ 148,000 over 1 year for the Southside Entrepreneurial Capacity Building project in Martinsville and Henry County. This project is to improve the economic capacity and competitiveness of our community by providing professional quality business consulting to local employers. SBTC's work helps attract, retain, and expand employers throughout Southside Virginia by providing low cost, high quality business consulting services. SBTC helps local employers stay local and take advantage of potential market opportunities while becoming more competitive on a regional and global basis.
Aug 24, 2004 $ 455,000 over 1 year to start a Martinsville/Henry County Business Technology Center to provide assistance to help existing and future high tech firms grow their business.


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