The Eastern Shepherd Drug Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Organization Information:

Who We Are 

Originally established in 1996, Eastern Shepherd holds as its mission to provide a safe, supportive and healing environment for women in the early stages of recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction as they acquire the self-confidence and tools needed to become and remain self-sufficient. Eastern Shepherd's overarching goal is to enable women with drug and alcohol abuse problems to return to their families and community with the ability to engage in healthy, fulfilling relationships, secure and sustain family-sustaining employment and develop their self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

A hallmark of Eastern Shepherd's approach includes working in close partnership with other service providers as well as local cogregations to ensure a full continuum of care to meet the myriad needs of low-income women who are struggling to address serious, often long-held substance abuse issues.

What We Do

Employing a grassroots, community-based approach, Eastern Shepherd aims to serve the dual purpose of providing shelter and services to women whose lives have been devastated by substance abuse, while also connecting these women to other medical, social service and job training and employment resources available in Martinsville and Henry County. Ultiamtely, Eastern Shepherd aims to serve as a catalyst within the community to ensure that Martinsville and Henry County develop and implement a full continuum of both prevention and intervention services for children, adults and families at risk of or already struggling with substance and/or alcohol abuse problems.

Grants Awarded to The Eastern Shepherd Drug Rehabilitation Center, Inc.:
Dec 9, 2003 $ 10,000 over 1 year to assist with development of a strategic business plan to determine whether a new substance abuse program should be launched.


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