"Harvest helped the citizens of Sandy Level plant a seed of hope and success for our youth through its grant. We are grateful for the support of Harvest. "
- Garrett Dillard, Founder - Concerned Citizens of Sandy Level

Boaz and Ruth, Inc.

Organization Information:
Executive Director: Cynthia Brown
Phone: 804-329-4900
Office Address: 3030 Meadowbridge Road Richmond, Virginia 23222
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6129 Richmond, Virginia 23222
Email: info@boazandruth.com
Website: www.boazandruth.com/index.cfm



Grants Awarded to Boaz and Ruth, Inc.:
Dec 9, 2003 $ 75,000 over 2 years to launch a new program in Martinsville that will offer life and job skills development for underserved residents, promote greater community engagement, and improved race relations.


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