West Piedmont Business Development Center

Organization Information:
Executive Director: Robbin Hall
Phone: 276.403.5085
Office Address: 22 East Church Street Martinsville Virginia 24112
Email: rhall@wpbdc.org
Website: www.wpbdc.org





Grants Awarded to West Piedmont Business Development Center:
Aug 6, 2005 $ 21,000 over 2 years to support extensions of services offered by this business incubator, located in Martinsville. This effort will operate as the Virtual Incubation Program. It will offer a variety of services, including seminars, networking events and various technical services, to encourage entreperneurship.
Aug 24, 2004 $ 91,250 over 1 year for a continuation of the micro-enterprise revolving loan fund and a marketing effort.
Aug 26, 2003 $ 50,000 over 1 year to fund a micro-enterprise revolving loan fund and a marketing effort to promote small business entrepreneurship.


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