Chamber's Partnership for Economic Growth (CPEG)

Organization Information:
Executive Director: Amanda Witt
Phone: 276-632-6401
Fax: 276-632-5059
Office Address: 115 Broad Street Martinsville Virginia 24114
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 709 Martinsville Virginia 24114


Grants Awarded to Chamber's Partnership for Economic Growth (CPEG):
Mar 29, 2007 $ 3,000,000 over 3 years for a continuation of its previous awarded economic development grant. Additional funding from The Harvest Foundation is contingent upon Martinsville City, Henry County, and CPEG continuing their current commitment to the area's economic development in the future.
Sep 28, 2006 $ 42,500 over 1 year in matching funds to perform an economic impact analysis study on the impact of U.S. Interstate-73 in the region of Martinsville-Henry County contingent on the Federal Highway Administration issuing a positive Record of Decision moving I-73 forward.
Aug 24, 2004 $ 20,000 over 1 year as a challenge grant, pending a $5,000 contribution from the Henry County School District and a $5,000 contribution from the Martinsville City Public School District, to continue the work to evaluate and address issues related to the consolidation of the community's public schools.
May 25, 2004 $ 2,400,000 over 3 years to help support Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development, Inc., a new Partnership between the City, County, and private sector dedicated to creating a climate where existing and new businesses and local entrepreneurs can create community wealth and quality jobs.
Sep 24, 2003 $ 1,000,000 over 1 year to provide financial incentives to attract new business to Martinsville/Henry County to stimulate job creation and create community wealth.
Aug 26, 2003 $ 250,000 over 1 year to initiate and complete a comprehensive economic analysis and a plan for development options for the future of Martinsville and Henry County.


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