Funding Priorities & Focus Area

We embrace 'Hope' as our North Star and guiding principle informing our 2022-2026 strategic plan and direction.   

Our three priority areas are: 

1. Thriving Youth
2. A Vibrant Community
3. Resilient and Diverse Economy 

Thriving Youth

Strategic Goal

Provide first-class learning and development opportunities from birth to college in Martinsville-Henry County

Strategic Objectives 

  • Expand Birth to Age 5 Systems & School Readiness 
  • Grow First-Class Schools 
  • Youth Development 


Vibrant Community

Strategic Goals

Health: Ensure that residents of MHC have access to & understand how to use the primary & behavioral health care systems

Growing MHC: Grow a positive future for MHC by building a connected & revitalized community that will attract & retain diverse residents

Strategic Objectives 


  • Maintain SafetyNet System 
  • Support Behavioral Health Systems

Growing MHC

  • Housing Capacity Growth 
  • Broadband Expansion 
  • Revitalize Uptown 
  • Catalyze Community Connectivity and Conversations 
  • Build a Powerful Shared Community Narrative 


Resilient and Diverse Economy 

Strategic Goals

Economic Development: Continue to make MHC a place where all can secure living-wage employment at both large & small businesses that contribute to a vibrant MHC

Economic Mobility: Ensure all people in MHC have the opportunity & support to secure a living wage, follow a rewarding career path, & build wealth for the next generation

Strategic Objectives

Economic Development 

  • Increase Jobs & Tax Base
  • Build Up Entrepreneurial Ecosystems 

Economic Mobility

  • Strengthen Systems for Upward Mobility
  • Understanding Causes and Cultures of Poverty 
  • Transportation Barriers 


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