Henry County Schools honors 2019 retirees

Henry County Schools honors 2019 retirees
Pictured are this year's retirees from Henry County Public Schools.

April 18, 2019

Henry County Public Schools celebrated the retirement of 32 employees during a special program and recognition dinner on April 17 at Chatmoss Country Club. The honorees are listed below.

Bassett High School

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, Foreign Language Teacher, 35 years in Henry County, 38 total years
  • Mrs. Sharon Lovern, Science Teacher, 30 years

Campbell Court Elementary School

  • Mrs. Margaret Thomas, Special Population Bus Driver, 15 years

Center for Community Learning

  • Ms. Judith Yeatts, CTE Teacher, 23+ years

Central Office

  • Mrs. Melinda Overby, Secretary to the Superintendent, 41 years

Drewry Mason Elementary School

  • Mrs. Robin Arnold, Office Assistant, 13 years

Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School

  • Mrs. Linda Gammons, School Nutrition Worker, 2 years
  • Mrs. Marcia Mitchell, Media Paraprofessional, 21 years
  • Ms. Bett Mize, School Nutrition Worker, 10 years

G.W. Carver Elementary School

  • Ms. Corrie Middleton, Guidance Counselor, 9 years in Henry County, 42 total years
  • Mrs. Mary "Lynn" Stone, Elementary Teacher, 30 years
  • Mrs. Kathryn Watkins, elementary Teacher, 25 years in Henry County, 30 total years

Laurel Park Middle School

  • Mrs. Sheila Coplin, Middle School Teacher, 18 years in Henry County, 20 total years
  • Ms. Cheryl Flood, Guidance Counselor, 19 years
  • Mrs. Mary Gamble, School Nutrition Worker, 8 years
  • Mrs. Shirley Hairston, Special Population Paraprofessional, 18 years
  • Mrs. Linda Payne, Special Education Teacher, 33 years in Henry County, 40 total years
  • Mr. Hughes Scales, School Bus Driver, 19 years

Magna Vista High School

  • Mrs. Linda Cox, CTE Teacher, 25+ years
  • Mr. Richard Obenshain, Guidance Counselor, 35 years in Henry County, 38 total years

Mount Olivet Elementary

  • Ms. Elizabeth Hill, Elementary Teacher, 21.5 years
  • Mrs. Lori Stephens, Special Education Teacher, 33 years

Meadow View Elementary School
(formerly Collinsville Primary and John Redd Smith)

  • Ms. Margaret Dillon, School Bus Driver, 14 years
  • Mrs. Shirley Flood, Special Population Bus Aide, 10 years
  • Mrs. Nancy Rotenberry, School Nutrition Worker, 15 years

Piedmont Governor's School

  • Mr. Brian Pace, Director, 24 years

Rich Acres Elementary School

  • Mrs. Richeana Wingfield, Elementary Teacher, 28 years
  • Mrs. Donna Wyatt, Special Population Bus Driver, 31 years

Sanville Elementary School

  • Mrs. Lori Martin, Pre-School At-Risk Teacher, 25 years

School Bus Garage

  • Ms. Lisa Grey, School Bus Driver, 12 years
  • Mr. Gary Williams, Bus Mechanic, 23 years

Stanleytown Elementary School

  • Ms. Debra Compton, Special Population Paraprofessional, 11 years


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