April: 'We're listening and we want to hear from you'

April: 'We're listening and we want to hear from you'

April 21, 2021

We hold close our idea of creating a vibrant MHC for everyone, and the only way to make that happen is if we do it together.  Strategic planning is not the most exciting concept in the world, but if done right, it can bring about the excitement of opportunity.  

In our January newsletter, I shared that the Harvest Foundation is conducting an extensive strategic planning process under the guidance of MDC, a consulting firm located in Raleigh that specializes in working with Southern communities. We chose to do this so that we may fully understand the needs of our community and identify strategies that truly make a difference for all of us. 

Our process is using an equity lens, which means to say that we are interested in how everyone in our community is doing — who is thriving and who is not.  We are looking deeper into the data and asking different questions.  We are designing strategies to hear from you.  Currently, we are hosting focus groups with a cross-section of community members, people that were identified as engaged, but not the “usual suspects.”  

Typically, we would convene large groups in person to prioritize community needs and co-create solutions, but COVID-19 has other plans for that.  So we are working to create opportunities for anyone who wants to engage.  Please keep a lookout for communications from us asking to hear from you.  That being said, we currently have a “Suggestion Box” on our website. If you are burning to share your ideas or concerns, please click HERE and share them. We’re listening, and we want to hear from you. 

While strategic planning has an end and a plan will be made, our commitment to listening and engaging with everyone in MHC will continue. It will take a shared vision of our community that we all invest in to achieve the ultimate goal: creating a robust Martinsville-Henry County where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.  I look forward to the journey we will create together.  


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