School board approves new contract for superintendent

School board approves new contract for superintendent
Sandy Strayer

June 3, 2021

The Henry County School Board unanimously voted this morning during its monthly board meeting to waive the 30-day notice requirement for votes related to the superintendent’s contract (VA Code 22.1-60(D)) and extend the contract of Division Superintendent Sandy Strayer.

The new agreement extends Strayer’s tenure with the district through June 30, 2025. Mrs. Strayer began her work as Henry County Public Schools’ superintendent in November 2018. Her current contract was set to expire in June 2022.

The new contract will contain the same terms as Strayer’s current contract, which stipulates a salary of $156,791.00 with an annual increase of 1% or the average instructional increase for the duration of the contract. The extension followed a comprehensive evaluation process completed by School Board members.  

“Mrs. Strayer has done a fantastic job of keeping our schools flowing through the pandemic. Though it was difficult, virtual learning was a good experience for our teachers, staff, and administrators because it opened new avenues for everyone,” said Board Chairman Thomas Auker, adding, “I am excited to continue working with Mrs. Strayer because she cares so much about the students, teachers, and administrators of Henry County.”

“I am honored to have the Board’s confidence and partnership in supporting students and staff as we continue to ensure student growth and success in the years to come,” said Strayer.

Prior to being hired as superintendent, Strayer served as a teacher, administrator, and assistant superintendent in Henry County.

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