October: We need a community narrative

October: We need a community narrative

October 28, 2021

From the desk of Harvest Foundation President Kate Keller

A community narrative is important.  It’s the story we tell ourselves about our history, our present, and possibly our future.  It’s the story we tell others, those who are passing through, and those who are coming here to stay. 

The historical narratives about Martinsville and Henry County are pretty consistent but told with a different tone depending on where your family history lies in that story. But the narratives about our present and our future are not quite so consistent. 

It appears that reversion is on its way.  This means a new narrative must be written. Our two communities will become one and our stories will be more intertwined. This presents an opportunity.  An opportunity to co-create a new future and a new story of a diverse community that appreciates its history and can march together towards a stronger future.

The next year and a half will be challenging, especially for those involved in the details and consequences of reversion.  But we must take time to reflect on the history of this community and bring the best of our strengths to our future of a merged community.

Our future narrative will be different and it’s up to all of us to make sure it’s a good one. 


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