Coalition's aerobics classes draw hundreds

More than 90 people are shown at the Jam Session taught by Anita Hooker, Angela Cecil, Sierra Hairston, Jenelle Carter, Theresa Bechtel, Pat Hall and Telisha Williams.

June 1, 2008

Pounds are disappearing, stress is decreasing and spirits are being lifted in the community, according to a release from The Harvest Foundation.

 “I have had an increase in weight loss, and overall I have more energy and am feeling really good about myself,” states Angie Burks, who attends the general aerobics classes, which include sculpting and cardio classes and yoga. Classes are available six days a week and the average weekly attendance has been about 350 people.

Last week, in honor of National Women’s Health Week, the MHC Coalition for Health and Wellness put on a Jam Session: a two hour workout that combined the efforts of all the aerobics classes offered. About 100 people took part.

Becky Belcher confirmed, “It revives me after a hard day at work, helps me to relieve tension, tone my muscles, and lose weight,” said Becky Belcher.

All the classes and equipment are free. The coalition's main goal is to make an active lifestyle accessible for area residents. Dee Underwood emphatically declares: “I’m so glad y’all put this on for us; it’s a real blessing. I know if it weren’t a free thing with equipment provided I wouldn’t be able to come,” said Dee Underwood. 

The classes are held at the Fieldale Community Center, Bassett Community Center and Spencer Penn Centre. Two new sites are being developed.

The Harvest Foundation, created from the sale of Memorial Hospital in Martinsville in 202, invests in programs and initiatives in the areas of health, education, and welfare.   


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