Get up and get healthy

August 11, 2008

Activate got me off the couch on a path to better health. After losing my job I found myself uninspired to do anything I didn’t have to. I was gaining weight and my cholesterol and blood pressure was high. I knew I needed to do something but I didn’t want to do it alone. I opened the paper and saw an advertisement for Lunch on the Run, a group walk led by volunteers of the Henry County Bike Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Farmers Market in uptown. I decided to try it out.

Five months later, I have met some terrific people and made some really wonderful friends. They lifted me up, encouraged me and provided the drive to want to better myself. I am walking regularly now and have started biking. If you told me months ago that I would be on a bike riding with traffic in uptown, I would call you crazy.

Since becoming involved with Activate, I have now become a certified BikeSmart instructor. During that program we biked together in a group and I felt free. To have the wind in your face and friends by your side, it is a feeling that will stay with me for a lifetime. I used to see other people biking and was scared and never thought I could do it and here I am biking on the roads in Martinsville and Henry County, which is a wonderful experience.

I am a mother of two and have two grandbabies and feel the best I ever have. My blood pressure and cholesterol has gone down and my medication has been cut in half. I want to continue to become fit and healthy and my goal is to get off all my medication.

I am looking for others to join me on a journey to better health. I use my walking time to get close to nature, meditate and pray. I encourage others to get off the couch and take small steps to become fit and healthy.

Barbara Thompson



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