Gibbs brings experience

June 20, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010Raymond Gibbs brings a stellar résumé to a new organization created to redevelop local properties to revitalize the community.

Gibbs is the executive director of the Phoenix Community Development Corp. The Harvest Foundation helped establish that corporation last year to bring together public and private resources to transform some properties and be a catalyst for developers to transform others, he said Thursday.

Gibbs has almost 30 years of experience in private real estate development, community planning and economic development, including eight years as president and chief executive officer of Downtown Greensboro Inc. That area, once dotted with boarded-up buildings, now is an urban setting with high-rise buildings, a law school, condominiums, banks, a park and numerous restaurants.

Between that work and his latest stint as a senior landscape architect and urban planner, Gibbs seems well-qualified to tackle the mission of revitalizing uptown Martinsville as well as areas throughout the city and county. He seems to grasp the technicalities of planning and development, but he also seems to understand that the goal is to make streets into neighborhoods and neighborhoods into a community. We wish him well in his new job, and we hope to hear a lot of Gibbs and the Phoenix Community Development Corp. as they work to improve the future of Martinsville and Henry County.


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