Harvest Foundation makes grants

May 25, 2004

The Harvest Foundation at the May 25, 2004, meeting approved 12 proposals totaling $5.8 million, with $1.2 million payable in 2004.  The projects are aligned with the Foundation's mission, noted in italics above, that calls for grant-making to focus on initiatives and programs and to be grounded on research.

One of the largest grant approvals is for the implementation phase of the Foundation's K -12 reading and math initiative.  This is part of a long-term education initiative and builds on planning grants approved by the Foundation in December 2003.  These grants will enable the schools to carry out over the next three years the plans they have developed during the past several months.  They are a major step in the systematic improvement of the area's schools over time.  Additionally, another educational allocation has been approved to maintain progress toward the prospect of an institution of higher education for the Martinsville region.

Two major economic development grants were approved, a 12-month effort to continue the active involvement of Market Street Services in the region's economic development planning, and implementation and a three-year grant to C-PEG for the new public/private Partnership: "The Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development, Inc." 

Three local community capacity building grants were authorized: (1) the National Trust for Historic Preservation, (2) the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, and (3) the Southern Environmental Law Center.  These three community development grants have the potential of beginning a transformation of the region.  The grants will build and further support the economic development work growing out of the Market Street recommendations.  The work the organizations would be doing would advance the Quality of Life recommendations in the Market Street plan to support straight-forward economic development addressed by the new public/private Partnership group. 

They will convey additional know-how to the Martinsville area and the organizations bring a way of thinking and connections to national resources for our region that is not currently available. Together they will be an investment in the region that will produce some immediate as well as longer term results. In turn, this will help empower local residents to play a more informed and active role in improving the area.  This will place our local organizations in the position to grow and evolve. 

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