Harvest boosts funding for New College interns

January 17, 2010

The Harvest Foundation is providing funds to help the New College Institute (NCI) expand its number of summer student internships.

NCI has sponsored the internship program during the past four summers to show area college students that career opportunities are available near home after they graduate.

Allyson Rothrock, executive director of the foundation, said it budgeted about $35,000 to help pay for about seven internships, in addition to the NCI intern it plans to hire for its office.

That money also includes some help for nonprofits who cannot afford to pay the entire cost of an intern, Rothrock said.

There were 14 internships last year, but Leanna Blevins, associate director of the institute, did not immediately know how many will be available this summer. The number of internships is to be based on how much money participating businesses contribute.

Interns will earn $4,000 during the summer. Employers are expected to pay $1,000 of that amount toward the salary of a first-time intern and $2,000 if their intern is returning from last year’s internship program.

Students must arrange their own prospective internships and then submit applications to NCI. For more information, call Blevins at 403-5603 or email her at lblevins@newcollegeinstitute.org.

Nonprofit organizations seeking help with the required employer contribution for an intern must submit a written statement on how much impact the intern will have on the organization and prove their financial need by submitting their budget and audited financial report.

“Some organizations ... are not able to participate in our summer internship program because they do not have the required funds,” Blevins said.

However, “these are the same organizations that stand to benefit the most from the energy and talent that a summer intern can bring,” she said.

In addition to Harvest, the New College Foundation is contributing to the internship program. The foundation raises private funds for NCI’s benefit.

Blevins said she is “very pleased that The Harvest Foundation wants to partner with NCI” to give students internship opportunities.

“Tremendous interest” has been shown in this year’s internship program since it was announced two weeks ago, she said based on the number of contacts she has had from employers, students and their families.

For that reason, Blevins said, “I think we’re going to receive quite a lot of applications this year” and choosing interns “will be a competitive process.”


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