Students get nutrition lessons from MHS students

December 19, 2011


Three Martinsville High School students took a turn as teachers recently when they gave a nutrition lesson to a third-grade class.

Junior Keiona Owens and freshmen Brittany Watkins and Silvia Carillo, who are members of the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), visited Renita Street’s class at Albert Harris Elementary School to talk to students about the different food groups and making healthy choices.

“I learned that you should eat healthy all the time,” said third-grader Jalaila Estes. “Eat fruit, eat all your vegetables when your mom gives them to you. Then you’ll grow up strong, and you’ll learn more.”

During their presentation, the high-schoolers asked the younger students to come up with foods that are healthy. They gave examples such as grapes, tomatoes, salad, soup and apples. When asked what nutrients are, Ian Dalton answered, “Things that are good for your body.”

The high-schoolers also talked to the class about the importance of paying attention in school and good behavior.

“I hope the kids learn to stay healthy and fit” as well as knowing that “if you believe, you can achieve,” Keiona said after the presentation.

HOSA, which is advised by Marie Stone at Martinsville High School, is a national student organization that educates students about careers in the health care industry. Members also do health-related community service projects, such as educating younger students, sponsoring blood drives or organizing fundraising events for medical research.

Martinsville High School students interested in the health care field can take health occupations classes at the high school and perform job shadowing at Memorial Hospital or other local health care providers.

Editor’s note: Kim Barto is community outreach and grants coordinator for the city schools.


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