City schools get $10k grant from Harvest

March 12, 2013

From Bulletin staff reporters:

 The Harvest Foundation has approved a Pick Up the Pace! (PUP) grant to Martinsville City Public Schools to install a 20-foot-by-24-foot greenhouse in the courtyard of Albert Harris Elementary School, according to a release Monday from Harvest.

The $10,000 grant will support 51 percent of the total cost of this project, the release added.

“The greenhouse will have a tremendous impact on our school and community,” Felicia Preston, Principal of Albert Harris, said in the release. “The greenhouse will serve as a teaching tool to help students better understand a variety of academic concepts in mathematics, science and other subjects. Additionally, as they learn to care for and nurture plants, this will give our students an opportunity to practice responsibility. 

“Lastly, as the program expands, seedlings will be provided to our students and their families, so that they can use their new gardening skills at home,” Preston added in the release.

“We are very pleased to partner with Albert Harris Elementary on this community project,” Angela Logan, Harvest Foundation Program Officer for Education, said in the release. “By working with Martinsville City Public Schools, the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Blue Ridge, the Boy Scouts, Lester Home Center, Lowe’s, the Martinsville City Public Schools and the MHC Chamber of Commerce, financial and sweat equity will provide an exciting opportunity to create a point of community pride and beautification for this historic school and its surrounding neighborhood.” 

Harvest’s PUP grants must relate to one or more of Harvest’s focus areas: health, education and community vitality, the release said. Recipients must be recognized nonprofits, religious institutions, government entities or “fiscal agents” acting for others, so long as the purpose is charitable, Logan said.

The grant was the ninth of 10 PUP grants Harvest will award, Harvest Program Officer Logan added.


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