Local math teachers complete Eastman 'MathElites' program

Local math teachers complete Eastman 'MathElites' program
Instructors participated in a mummy-wrapping excercise during a training session of the MathElites program on June 10.

June 10, 2016

MARTINSVILLE, Va., June 10, 2016 – Today, more than 30 teachers from Martinsville City Schools, Henry County Schools, and Carlisle School graduated from the region’s inaugural Eastman MathElites program, a collaborative partnership between Eastman, the Harvest Foundation and local school systems that provides professional development for selected elementary, middle and high school math teachers.

The Eastman MathElites program is designed to complement and reinforce ongoing programs of math mentoring and training. The program provides teachers with an opportunity to participate in an intensive one-week summer workshop focused on math education. Teachers receive conceptual training, such as differentiated learning techniques. The workshop also facilitates networking opportunities between teachers from the area school systems to spark innovation in the classroom, build upon their own knowledge and develop better teaching strategies.

The Eastman MathElites originated at the company’s largest site and home to its corporate headquarters, Kingsport, Tenn., ten years ago. This year marks the first time Eastman has extended the program to a new site community. In 2015, teachers from Martinsville attended the MathElites program in Kingsport and saw the value this training could bring to the region.  

“MathElites pushed me to look at the math behind what I teach in my classroom,” said Leanne Barbour, teacher at Martinsville Middle School. “MathElites is helping me help my students discover math in a way that they will remember and apply beyond the test.”

“Eastman is committed to helping educators, government, and other business leaders improve K-12 education in the communities where we work and live,” said Tanya Foreman, Education Initiatives Manager at Eastman. “By investing in the education of today’s students, we are strengthening the pipeline of qualified workers needed to compete in a global economy and to improve and sustain our communities in the future.”

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