Martinsville Bulletin: Martinsville School Board improves concussion protocol, threat assessment

June 28, 2016

By Mickey Powell

From now on, Martinsville City Schools will work to help all students suffering from concussions, not just those who were injured playing sports, get back in the classroom. On Monday night, the city's school board revised their policy, making it clear that teachers have to help students with concussions gradually return to full classroom activities. That progression, in turn, will come through working with the doctors treating each student. 

The new policy covers all concussions, sustained both in and out of school. That was one of numerous policy revisions approved by the Martinsville School Board during a special meeting Monday night. Pam Heath, superintendent of the city schools, said the revisions stemmed largely from changes in state and federal laws. The revisions had to be put into place before the start of the new fiscal year on Friday.

School personnel now must be alert to learning problems experienced by any student — not just an athlete — who sustains a concussion or similar injury, and they must accommodate the pupil’s gradual return to full participation in learning activities, based on licensed health care providers’ recommendations, the revised policy shows.

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