Martinsville Bulletin: Martinsville schools could face cuts in state funding

September 14, 2016


MARTINSVILLE – Martinsville City Schools could face budget reductions due to a drop in enrollment.

According to Interim Superintendent Zeb Talley, as of Monday, a total of 1,920 students were enrolled in city schools, down from 2,057 a year ago. The Virginia Department of Education uses enrollment numbers on Sept. 30 to set the district’s funding rate, from now until March 31. Even if that number is lower than the previous year, no funding is immediately cut. Instead, the district reports enrollment numbers a second time, on March 31. At that point, the state will cut funding if enrollment numbers are lower than expected.

The schools budgeted for 2,040 students for the current fiscal year.

Executive Director for Administrative Services Travis Clemons said the schools are getting $6,089 in state funds per pupil. Having 120 students fewer than the number budgeted means a potential loss of $730,680, he said.

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