Harvest awards IALR funding for expo evaluation

Harvest awards IALR funding for expo evaluation

December 23, 2016

The Harvest Foundation recently awarded a $25,000 grant to the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research Foundation (IALR) to evaluate the SOVA Career ChoICE Youth Expo for the next two years.

The career expo is primarily supported by IALR’s Advanced Learning Department, led by Dr. Julie Brown. The expo is an opportunity for employers to educate students in seventh and ninth grades about regional career opportunities and interests.

This year on Oct. 5-6, approximately 4,000 students, around 1,290 of those from Martinsville and Henry County Schools, engaged in hands-on activities led by regional employers.

The project aligns with the Harvest Foundation’s strategic plan under the workforce programmatic goal, which supports Harvest’s goal of developing a pipeline of workers to compete for jobs in local and regional companies.

“The Foundation is pleased to support the SOVA Career Expo, specifically the efforts to provide information on the regional job opportunities available to our youth,” said DeWitt House, senior program officer at the Harvest Foundation. “In addition, we are pleased to see the thorough evaluation process in place to assist in the continued development of this regional event.”

Brown added, “We are grateful to the Harvest Foundation for supporting the evaluation of the region’s annual Career Expo. By quantifying students’ career interests and understanding how these interests change, stakeholders will be better positioned to provide exploratory and work-based experiences to support students’ interests. It also allows the broader community to understand if our young people are connecting to the employment opportunities available in southern Virginia.”

To find out more information about the Harvest Foundation and its grants process, visit www.theharvestfoundation.org or call (276) 632-3329.



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