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Warner: Keep up college push

Dec 19, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Gov. Mark Warner put money for a Southside university in his budget proposal because he wants the momentum for the New College of Virginia to continue. - Read More

Funds show support of university

Dec 19, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin Editorial: Gov. Mark Warner's inclusion of funds for a Southside university in his budget plan shows the proposal's support has reached the highest level of state government. - Read More

The Harvest Foundation announces two new Directors

Dec 18, 2004 - Leonard Poirier, M.D. and Mrs. Gracie Agnew added to Board. - Read More

Warner gives $1.5M for college

Dec 15, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Gov. Mark Warner has included $1.5 million in his fiscal 2006 budget to plan a university in Southside. - Read More

Carrier encouraged by actions

Dec 15, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Dr. Ronald Carrier, designer of the New College of Virginia, was encouraged Tuesday that Gov. Mark Warner has proposed $1.5 million in his budget for planning the college. - Read More

Sports complex study funded

Dec 15, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Harvest Foundation has awarded a grant of $100,000 to study the possibility of a sports complex to be located in the Martinsville/Henry County area. - Read More

Money for crises awarded

Dec 15, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Harvest Foundation awarded a total of $672,500 to two local organizations to help people in crises. - Read More

PHCC, New College working together

Dec 14, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Officials from Patrick Henry Community College and the proposed New College of Virginia are collaborating on how the two institutions could work together. - Read More

New center for seniors

Dec 13, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: A groundbreaking will be held Wednesday to launch construction of the new building for the Adult Day Care of Martinsville and Henry County. - Read More

YMCA adds therapy pool

Dec 13, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Thanks to a grant of $384,639 from The Harvest Foundation, the YMCA branch on Starling Avenue opened its newly-built pool last week. - Read More

Kilgore backs college funds

Dec 12, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Attorney General Jerry Kilgore has asked Gov. Mark Warner to include funds for the New College of Virginia in Martinsville in his budget proposal to be unveiled Friday. - Read More

College support is increasing

Dec 5, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin Editorial: Momentum seems to be growing for the New College of Virginia. - Read More

Kilgore backs plan for college

Dec 3, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: State Attorney General Jerry Kilgore has thrown his political muscle behind the New College of Virginia. - Read More

Carrier: Ex-Tultex building could house college classes

Dec 1, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: A building in the former Tultex manufacturing complex on Commonwealth Boulevard could be converted into an educational facility immediately. - Read More

Harvest backs plan for college

Nov 28, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Harvest Foundation has endorsed Dr. Ronald Carrier's plan for the New College of Virginia and hopes Gov. Mark Warner will approve funds for the institution in his budget proposal. - Read More

College promotes area, residents' quality of life

Nov 28, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin Editorial by Dr. Ronald E. Carrier - Read More

New College proposal is backed by foundation

Nov 28, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin Editorial by Harry Cerino - Read More

Minds in Motion gets students moving

Nov 18, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Harvest supported youth arts program begins new season. - Read More

Community flower power

Nov 16, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Gateway/Streetscape officials have started to pick their new greenhouse clean and saturate area planters with seasonal color. - Read More

Harvest Funded Project Promotes Juvenile Wellness

Nov 15, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Getting exercise and playing video games no longer are diametrically opposed concepts, thanks to the Healthy Community Initiative. - Read More

Incubator of ideas

Nov 10, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: The West Piedmont Business Development Center is nurturing small businesses in uptown Martinsville. - Read More

EDC: College should be top effort

Nov 10, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Obtaining a new college or university should be the top priority in efforts to lure new business and industry to Henry County and Martinsville, according to the community's new economic development director. - Read More

Kaine: Time right for college proposal

Nov 4, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine hopes action will be taken on a college in the area before Gov. Mark Warner leaves office in 2006. - Read More

SCHEV: No doubt of need for university

Oct 31, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: There appears to be "no war going on" between Southside localities over the location of a new university, said state Sen. Roscoe Reynolds, D-Ridgeway. - Read More

College building offered

Oct 29, 2004 - Martinsville businessman George W. Lester pledged the old Tultex building and a $250,000 endowment to the New College of Virginia at Thursday's meeting of the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV) in Richmond. - Read More

Area moves toward building college

Oct 29, 2004 - The Winston-Salem Journal/A.P.: Kimble Reynolds Jr., the vice mayor of Martinsville, Va., wants a better future for the young people. - Read More

Hundreds support college

Oct 28, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: A standing-room-only crowd of about 250 people attended a state hearing Wednesday on the idea of creating a college or university in this area. - Read More

Southside citizens resoundingly endorse 4 -year college for Martinsville

Oct 28, 2004 - The Roanoke Times: One after another, the speakers all said the same thing: Bring us a four-year college. - Read More

Editorial: College support is impressive

Oct 28, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: It is important to take note of all the public officials, civic leaders, businessmen and women, citizens, and mostly the young people of our community who testified on behalf of the New College concept. - Read More

Martinsville-area college backed

Oct 28, 2004 - Richmond Times-Dispatch: A string of speakers today pressed representatives of the state Council of Higher Education to support creation of a four-year college in the Martinsville area. - Read More

Region hard-hit by textile, furniture losses seeks a four-year college

Oct 28, 2004 - Daily Press/AP: Martinsville Vice Mayor Kimble Reynolds Jr. was among the speakers Thursday urging the creation of a four-year college to boost the economic prospects of the Martinsville and Henry County area. - Read More

Officials briefed, lobbied on proposal for university

Oct 27, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Officials of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) on Tuesday listened to a cross-section of people expressing both support and opposition to the proposed college in Henry County and Martinsville. - Read More

MURA supports college proposal

Oct 26, 2004 - The Martinsville Uptown Revitalization Association Board of Directors has endorsed the establishment of the proposed New College of Virginia in the Martinsville area. - Read More

Editorial: The Case for a College in Martinsville

Oct 24, 2004 - Since June, when the Harvest Foundation asked me lead the effort to develop a new college for Southside to be located in Martinsville, I?ve made regular trips to the city from my home in Harrisonburg. - Read More

Building burns, officials cheer

Oct 13, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Local, regional and state officials gathered Tuesday to dedicate a state-of-the-art training facility at the Henry County Community Services Training Center complex. - Read More

City resolution backs college idea

Sep 29, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Martinsville City Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday supporting plans to build a public college locally. - Read More

Officials endorse college proposal

Sep 28, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Henry County Board of Supervisors on Monday joined the chorus of local groups endorsing a proposed college in the Martinsville-Henry County area. - Read More

Editorial: Visionary concept for college

Sep 26, 2004 - The concept of a new college in the area unveiled last week is an innovative approach to making higher education a reality for students in Henry County, Martinsville and Southside. - Read More

College plan takes shape

Sep 23, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: A plan to develop a university in Southside will be presented to state officials in Richmond in October. - Read More

Chamber backs university idea

Sep 22, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce has endorsed The Harvest Foundation?s concept for a new college in the Martinsville area. - Read More

University would bring steady jobs

Sep 1, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Establishing a four-year institution of higher education in Henry County or Martinsville should help reduce unemployment locally, according to a Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) official. - Read More

Schools receive $1.6M

Aug 31, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Harvest Foundation handed out $1.6 million in grant funds to area schools Monday as part of the "Leadership for Success" portion of its five-year commitment to improving local education. - Read More

School boards secure merger study funding

Aug 26, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: A private foundation has provided $10,000 to secure funding for further study of a potential Henry County/Martinsville school merger. - Read More

Grants target kids, firms

Aug 25, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Child health and high-tech entrepreneurship were among areas targeted Tuesday in The Harvest Foundation"s fifth round of grants. The foundation awarded six grants worth a total of $1.17 million. - Read More

Programs to focus on nutrition, exercise and care

Aug 25, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: A grant of $296,289 awarded by The Harvest Foundation on Tuesday will be used to improve the health of Henry County and Martinsville residents. - Read More

Allen and Goode endorse Southside university plan

Aug 19, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Two of the state's federal legislators on Wednesday endorsed the plan to locate a four-year university in Southside, calling the proposal a "winning opportunity." - Read More

Allen discusses Southside university

Aug 19, 2004 - Register & Bee: U.S. Sen. George Allen made a pit stop in Martinsville on Wednesday to hear plans for the establishment of a four-year public university in Southside Virginia. - Read More

Adult day care halfway to building goal

Aug 16, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Adult Day Care Center Corp. has grants, pledges and contributions totaling at least half of its $1.2 million capital campaign to build a new facility. - Read More

Chamber: Getting a college in town is the top priority

Aug 16, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce's top priority during the next several years will be working to get a four-year college established locally, according to President Kim Adkins. - Read More

Gateway's New Greenhouse promises Oodles of Annuals

Aug 6, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Thanks to a $10,000 Harvest Foundation grant, the Martinsville City Public Works Department and a bit of labor from the inmates at the city farm, Gateway Streetscape now has an 18-foot by 24-foot greenhouse. - Read More

Grants to assist local transformation

Jul 20, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Three grants awarded July 16 by the Washington, D.C.-based Public Welfare Foundation will help transform Henry County and Martinsville and bring the area into the 21st century. - Read More

Local efforts win 3 grants

Jul 19, 2004 - Three non-profit groups developing area programs have been awarded $50,000 each by the Public Welfare Foundation to supplement funds received from the Harvest Foundation in May. - Read More

Carrier plots strategy for college

Jul 18, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Build it and they will come. That is the approach Dr. Ronald Carrier, head of the newly created Institute of Integrated and Applied Studies (IIAS), intends to take. "We are going to build a college here," Carrier said. - Read More

College to include campus

Jun 6, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: A proposed college in South Central Virginia will have some form of campus, with offices and classrooms as well as a "powerful online presence," according to the executive director of The Harvest Foundation. - Read More

Coalition, schools funded

May 26, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: The economic development coalition and the school systems were among 12 groups and projects awarded a total of $5.8 million by The Harvest Foundation late Tuesday and released to the public on Wednesday. - Read More

Harvest Foundation makes grants

May 25, 2004 - The Harvest Foundation at the May 25, 2004, meeting approved 12 proposals totaling $5.8 million, with $1.2 million payable in 2004. The projects are aligned with the Foundation's mission. - Read More

Making Headlines and Headway

Apr 5, 2004 - INTERCHANGE: Harvest Foundation issues challenge to Virginia. - Read More

SCHEV to study college in area

Mar 10, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: A resolution to study the creation of a four-year college in south central Virginia cleared the General Assembly on Tuesday, March 9. - Read More

Harvest initiated program bring educators from around the country to generate ideas for the improvement of K -12 education

Jan 21, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Harvest Foundation's "Education Summit" brings together more than 1,000 teachers and administrators from area public and private schools. - Read More

Harvest Grant to Chamber's Partnership for Economic Growth Results in Community Jobs

Jan 15, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: A major cabinet manufacturer plans to locate a factory in Henry County and create 745 jobs. Financial incentives were provided by the Chamber's Partner in Economic Growth (C-PEG) and The Harvest Foundation. - Read More

Right time for university in the area

Jan 15, 2004 - Editorial - Martinsville Bulletin: Could this be the start of a massive groundswell of commitment that will convince the state that this is the right time and Henry County/Martinsville is the right place for a new state university? - Read More

Henry County in the running for state college

Jan 12, 2004 - ROANOKE TIMES: A $50 million challenge grant helps the chances of a state college in Southside. - Read More

$50 Million Seed Offered for College

Jan 12, 2004 - Richmond Times-Dispatch: Martinsville-based group seeks to induce state to put four-year institution in area - Read More

$50M challenge issued - Harvest Foundation calls for public college

Jan 11, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Harvest Foundation has issued a $50 million challenge to the state of Virginia to establish a new four-year public college in the Henry County-Martinsville area. - Read More

Foundation shows its leadership

Jan 11, 2004 - Editorial: Vision. Leadership. Commitment to the future of Henry County and Martinsville. - Read More

$50 Million for the establishment of a new four year public college in Martinsville/Henry County

Jan 10, 2004 - The Harvest Foundation approves $50 million challenge grant to the Commonwealth of Virginia, conditioned on the Commonwealth's establishing a new four-year public college in the Martinsville and Henry County community - Read More

Harvest Foundation proposes grant for university

Jan 10, 2004 - DANVILLE, Va. - A proposal for a public university in Southside gained momentum Saturday when a local organization approved a $50 million challenge grant to help establish the school. - Read More

Ushering in local 'burn building'

Jan 9, 2004 - Martinsville Bulletin: Two decades after it first went on the drawing board, ground was broken Thursday for a local training facility for fire and rescue workers. Several local and state officials, as well as members of The Harvest Foundation and - Read More


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