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Harvest Approves Health, Education, Welfare Grants

Dec 22, 2005 - The Harvest Foundation on December 21 awarded $250,000 to help improve dental care for the area's needy. - Read More

College plans get an A: Warner to add $300,000

Dec 20, 2005 - Gov. Mark Warner announced that he will give the New College Institute an additional $300,000 this budget year, bringing total state funds earmarked for the proposed baccalaureate degree-granting, state-supported college to $5.1 million. - Read More

Governor-Elect Supports Harvest Plan

Dec 20, 2005 - Momentum in establishing the New College Institute will not be slowed when the new governor who takes office next month, according to Gov. Mark Warner. - Read More

Governor Warner Supports Harvest Foundation Education Project

Dec 20, 2005 - Gov. Mark R. Warner might have his critics, but you'd have to knock on quite a few doors to find any of them in Martinsville, the former capital of the state's textile industry. - Read More

Harvest College Project Funded by Commonwealth

Dec 18, 2005 - Gov. Mark Warner will come to Martinsville on Monday, Dec. 19, to discuss the $4.5 million he has proposed for the New College Institute. - Read More

Local Legislators Support Harvest College Effort

Dec 18, 2005 - Area leaders must keep pushing the General Assembly to approve the New College Institute even though Gov.-elect Tim Kaine is strongly backing the proposed school, according to local lawmakers. - Read More

NCV plans are coming together

Dec 18, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin Editorial: Gov. Warner included $4.5 million for the New College Institute over the next two years in the state budget he proposed Friday. The college also announced the hiring of Dr. Barry M. Dorsey as its executive director. - Read More

Harvest Funded Trail Gets Federal & State Support

Dec 16, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: If Gov. Mark Warner's proposed biennium budget is approved, the Martinsville-Henry County area stands to see about $10.3 million for road improvement projects as well as a hiking trail along the Smith River. - Read More

Harvest Higher Education Project Takes Shape

Dec 15, 2005 - Area students with two years of college under their belts may be able to finish a four-year degree here starting in 2006, officials said Wednesday. - Read More

Harvest Funded Fire Training Project Yields Impressive Results

Dec 15, 2005 - Magna Vista and Martinsville High School juniors and seniors run into a burning building for their final exam. - Read More

Harvest K-12 Schools Grant Pays Educational Dividends

Dec 15, 2005 - Area businesses and individuals came together Wednesday to thank the Henry County Schools' faculty and staff for their efforts which resulted in accreditation of all 15 county schools for the 2005-2006 school year. - Read More

Harvest Conceived College Advances

Dec 15, 2005 - The New College of Virginia Planning Commission announced plans Wednesday to offer Southside students classes to receive degrees from other state colleges, starting as early as 2007. - Read More

Harvest Initiated College Moves Forward

Dec 15, 2005 - New College may be branch campus and an independent school - Read More

Harvest College Project Selects New Leader

Dec 14, 2005 - The New College of Virginia (NCV) Planning Commission has named Dr. Barry M. Dorsey as its executive director. - Read More

Proposed Harvest College Get Executive Director

Dec 14, 2005 - Associated Press: The president of an Ohio university who has higher education credentials in Virginia has been hired as executive director of a college proposed for economically troubled Southside. - Read More

Harvest support instrumental in new Museum

Dec 2, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Virginia Museum of Natural History has raised about one-fourth of the $5 million it hopes to collect to help pay for permanent exhibits for the new museum under construction on Starling Avenue. - Read More

Harvest supports Coalition/Clinic merger

Nov 30, 2005 - The union of the Free Clinic of Martinsville and Henry County and the Martinsville Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness will mean expanded services and programs for patients. - Read More

Harvest: Clinic union is win-win

Nov 30, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Last spring, when the Free Clinic of Martinsville and Henry County was virtually broke, some people criticized The Harvest Foundation for not coming to its rescue. That help came with Monday's announcement. - Read More

Harvest grant stabilizes Clinic

Nov 29, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Free Clinic of Martinsville and Henry County soon will become a subsidiary of a local health coalition, which could mean needed financial support for the often cash-strapped organization. - Read More

Health coalition has new center, big plans

Nov 3, 2005 - Health Coalition uses Harvest Foundation building to launch new program - Read More

Health coalition to open office in county

Nov 1, 2005 - Harvest funded Health Coalition moves into high gear - Read More

Harvest funded museum project recognized in Commonwealth capital

Oct 30, 2005 - The state's natural-history museum, a short walk from downtown, has been derisively called "Philpott's Folly" for the local legislator who had it placed here on Virginia's southern fringe. But the museum could soon stand as a testament to the late A.L. Ph - Read More

Interest in Second Historic District Grows out of Foundation Grant

Oct 30, 2005 - Preservationists want to establish a gateway into Martinsville by turning parts of East Church Street and Starling Avenue near the new Virginia Museum of Natural History building into a historic district. - Read More

Fieldale historic status is sought

Oct 28, 2005 - Foundation supported initiative yields results - Read More

Harvest contribution launches educational exhibits at museum

Oct 27, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: When patrons visit the new Virginia Museum of Natural History (VMNH) in its new location, they will be treated to a hands-on scientific experience. - Read More

Man's love of Smith River at heart of new business

Oct 25, 2005 - Harvest funded rivers and trails project yields speedy private sector benefit - Read More


Oct 25, 2005 - The Harvest Foundation Supports Expansion of New Martinsville Educational Center - Read More

Historic Preservation Roundtables - Oct 27 & 28

Oct 24, 2005 - Kathleen Kilpatrick of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and her team will present an overview of historic preservation and a discussion of upcoming survey work in Fieldale and Martinsville. All are welcome. There is no fee. - Read More

SELC Helps with Martinsville & Henry County Revitalization

Oct 20, 2005 - With an Eye on Conservation, SELC Helps Bring a Southside Virginia Town Back to Life - Read More

Harvest supports African-American Heritage
FAHI presentation to feature author

Oct 19, 2005 - Dr. Loren Schweninger, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, will give the lecture at 3 p.m., Sunday, October 23, at the Christ Episcopal Church Parish House in Martinsville. - Read More

Trail Group begins Harvest Supported Project

Oct 17, 2005 - Chairman of the Martinsville-Henry County Rivers and Trails Group envisions a network of trails in Henry County and Martinsville where people can enjoy nature's beauty as they walk or ride their bicycles, not having to cope with traffic along local highwa - Read More

Coalition tackles health-care issues

Oct 17, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Martinsville-Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness has named Barbara Jackman its executive director. - Read More

Harvest funded project launched

Oct 17, 2005 - The West Piedmont Business Development Center has begun a virtual incubation program (VIP). - Read More

'Souls of Black Folks' prompts FAHI discussion

Oct 16, 2005 - Simon C. Spencer, retired educator and local lecturer on African American history and culture, led a discussion on Thursday of the book that has been called the second most influential book written on the subject of Africans in America. - Read More

FAHI uses Harvest funds to continue African American Heritage Program

Oct 16, 2005 - Frank Scott, son of black NASCAR driver Wendell Scott, gives lecture and shows documentary on his father Saturday at the Kappa House. - Read More

'Roots' run deep for Haley

Oct 10, 2005 - Harvest Funded Project Brings William Haley to Discuss Ancestry and Behaviors - Read More

Dan River Basin Association receives major grant

Sep 30, 2005 - DRBA Newsletter - The Harvest Foundation of Martinsville, VA, has notified the Dan River Basin Association that the foundation has authorized a grant of $95,000 to further trail development and river access in the area of the Smith and Mayo Rivers. - Read More

History at the Helm

Sep 1, 2005 - Preservation Magazine: Preservation steers plan to aid Martinsville, Va. - Read More

Harvest creates new foundation

Aug 20, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: A community foundation is being created with $3.5 million in seed money from The Harvest Foundation and, over time, expected endowments from local families to support non-profit organizations. - Read More

Teacher says education must be personalized

Aug 17, 2005 - Teachers must get personal with their students to educate them effectively, a University of Virginia professor told local educators Tuesday. - Read More

Martinsville, Henry County Educators to Report Progress

Aug 16, 2005 - K-12 Education Initiative Supports Programs To Improve Student Achievement - Read More

Grant totals $1.78 million

Aug 9, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Harvest Foundation on Monday awarded a total of $1.78 million to fund seven grant requests for projects ranging from exhibits for the new Virginia Museum of Natural History to an effort to develop leadership in the area. - Read More

Martinsville museum receives $1 million plus

Aug 9, 2005 - Roanoke Times: The Virginia Museum of Natural History received more than $1 million from the nonprofit Harvest Foundation to help fund new exhibits for the opening of its new building in early 2007. - Read More

Local program helps people cope with brain injuries

Aug 8, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: For adults recovering from brain trauma, even simple skills may have to be relearned. Helping them master those daily skills and return to work, is what Carlton Redd does at the Brain Injury Services Initiative of MARC Workshop. - Read More

The Harvest Foundation Awards Grants Worth +$1.7 Million

Aug 8, 2005 - Funds Will Support Efforts To Enhance Quality of Life in Martinsville, Henry County - Read More

Group working on master plan for local walking trails

Aug 3, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Martinsville-Henry County Rivers and Trails Group has been working on a trail project since April. With last week's congressional approval of $400,000 for a trails project in Henry County, organizers are faced with developing a - Read More

Smith River Trail gets federal grant

Aug 1, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: A $400,000 federal grant has been approved to launch a hiking and biking trail along the Smith River in Henry County. - Read More

Fayette walking tour to end

Jul 24, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The last day for viewing the window-front exhibit, "Working and Playing on Fayette Street," displayed in several locations uptown and along Fayette Street, will be Tuesday, July 26. - Read More

Harvest 'finding its voice,' says director

Jul 15, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: After its first full year of awarding grants, The Harvest Foundation has begun "to find its voice in the region," according to Executive Director Harry Cerino. - Read More

Support Education Strategies

Jul 11, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin Editorial: Strategies unveiled recently to improve education and work force development in the area are an ambitious effort to make learning a valued part of this community. It is an effort everyone should support. - Read More

'Central gatekeeper' needed for services

Jul 7, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: SAC's plan calls for a gatekeeper to encourage collaboration among the various agencies that provide work force and education services. - Read More

Nontraditional education key for workers

Jul 6, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Strategic Action Committee offers plan to improve educational level of area residents - Read More

Goal No. 1: Reversing bias against education

Jul 5, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Changing attitudes is not easy, especially when they are deeply ingrained. But members of the Strategic Action Committee's education and work force development subcommittee are determined to try. - Read More

Committee focuses on schooling

Jul 4, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The days when students could leave high school and go straight into life-long jobs in local factories are gone, and the residents of Henry County and Martinsville must accept and adapt to that reality. - Read More

Area leaders inaugurate new program

Jun 22, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Three people from Martinsville and Henry County are participating in a new program that helps local leaders across Virginia develop a statewide perspective on issues. - Read More

College commission plan on deadline track

Jun 22, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Members of the New College of Virginia's planning commission say they will meet a deadline for a plan the governor can include in his budget proposal. - Read More

Activities highlighted culture, entertainment

Jun 19, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: From storytelling and song to step shows and Double Dutch jump rope, area residents heralded the return of the June German Ball this weekend with two days of celebration. - Read More

Ball brings out memories, spirit of Fayette area

Jun 19, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The revival of the June German Ball was the culmination of months of planning by members of the Fayette Area Historical Initiative. - Read More

Preservation group wants to help set up historic districts

Jun 17, 2005 - The National Trust for Historic Preservation wants to help set up historic districts on Starling Avenue and Church Street in Martinsville, as well as in Fieldale, to promote community revitalization and tourism in the area. - Read More

Build new sports complex

Jun 8, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin Letter to the Editor: One of the original members of the Martinsville Area Sports Complex Steering Committee urges widespread appeal and support of this initiative. - Read More

Rodeo rounds up kids for bike safety

Jun 7, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: About 60-70 children turned out to learn bicycle safety; get free helmets, elbow and knee pads; get their bikes repaired; eat popcorn, snow cones and Bojangles biscuits and have an overall good time. - Read More

Technology Center opens for business in Southside

May 18, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The grand opening celebration was held Tuesday, May 17, 2005 for the new Business Technology Center (BTC) at the West Piedmont Business Development Center uptown. - Read More

Consultant: Plan to capitalize on area assets

May 6, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Having a plan to capitalize on and enhance the historical and cultural assets of Martinsville and Henry County was a main message Thursday night from consultant Edward T. McMahon. - Read More

'Success by 6' instruction gives teachers the right tools

Apr 22, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Success By 6 is teaching local in-home child-care providers how to take advantage of learning opportunities for children. - Read More

NCV planning commission elects officers

Apr 22, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The New College Planning Commission got up and running Thursday, electing officers at its first meeting. - Read More

Success is seen for NCV

Mar 29, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Some of the skepticism the New College of Virginia is facing James Madison University's College of Integrated Science and Technology (CISAT) faced when it was launched in 1992. - Read More

Kilgore: Southside college would be in his budget

Mar 24, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Likely Republican gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore said that if elected governor on Nov. 8, he will make a Southside college a line item in the state budget. - Read More

Kaine lists area college among goals if governor

Mar 23, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine's vision for the state, if he is elected governor in November, includes a state college in Southside. - Read More

College moves to next level

Mar 20, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Dr. Ronald Carrier has served the New College of Virginia well, and he deserves the community's thanks for his innovative plans for the college. - Read More

Proposed college's president steps down

Mar 17, 2005 - The Roanoke Times: Ronald Carrier, who designed the curriculum for a proposed Southside Virginia college, has retired from his position as the college's founding president. - Read More

Baliles to advise NCV push

Mar 17, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Former Gov. Gerald Baliles has been appointed counselor and senior adviser to the New College Planning Commission. - Read More

Carrier's departure from NCV natural

Mar 17, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Dr. Ronald Carrier's departure as director of the New College of Virginia is part of the natural evolution of the project, according to Harry Cerino, the executive director of The Harvest Foundation. - Read More

Carrier retires from NCV

Mar 16, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Dr. Ronald Carrier, who is the architect of the proposed New College of Virginia, has stepped down as its director. - Read More

Harvest Foundation grant winners named

Mar 16, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Harvest Foundation awards two grants on March 15, 2005, targeting health and welfare initiatives for area residents. - Read More

Planning commission members appointed

Mar 16, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The New College Planning Comission will consist of nine people - three from The Harvest Foundation, three from academia and three from the community. - Read More

Initiative hopes to revive abandoned resort's glory

Mar 13, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Resurrecting the remains of a local resort and creating a recreational area rich in history are among the goals of the Fayette Area Historical Initiative. - Read More

The Fayette Street Project

Mar 13, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Documenting African-American Life in Martinsville, Virginia and Henry County. - Read More

Residents outline vision of local sports complex

Mar 9, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Imagine a multi-use indoor/outdoor sports complex that provides a range of programs and activities for community residents and attracts people from around the region to enjoy those same activities. - Read More

College, Museum get funds

Feb 27, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: State budget conferees included $1 million for a Southside university and restored $2 million to the Virginia Museum of Natural History. - Read More

With upgrades, city can handle college

Feb 16, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Uptown Martinsville could accommodate a new college that would educate about 1,000 students. - Read More

Initiative begins with kids in effort to promote health

Feb 15, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Healthy Community Initiative funded by The Harvest Foundation is trying different methods and activities to prevent disease and promote wellness in the community. - Read More

City gives its view of area college

Feb 3, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The important thing is that a state-supported college giving baccalaureate degrees is established in the Martinsville area. - Read More

Martinsville makes commitment to Southside college

Feb 2, 2005 - The Roanoke Times: A proposal for a new Southside college received a substantive vote of support from Martinsville City Council. - Read More

City offers $1M for college

Feb 2, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Martinsville City Council committed $1 million over a decade to help set up a state-financed, four-year college locally in the next two years. - Read More

Martinsville Council commits $1 million to college development

Feb 2, 2005 - Martinsville Daily: The Martinsville City Council is putting a significant local contribution toward a proposed new state college initiative. - Read More

Keeping NCV on front burner

Jan 24, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Officials of the proposed New College of Virginia must continue to provide information to state legislators on the college's concept, academic advantages and potential to the community. - Read More

Harvest Foundation rebuts SCHEV

Jan 23, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Foundation says no funds will go to Longwood plan. - Read More

Foundation tackles SCHEV's conclusion

Jan 23, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The Harvest Foundation has taken issue with six conclusions reached by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia on a proposed college for Southside. - Read More

Letter blasts council for its 'timidity'

Jan 22, 2005 - The Roanoke Times: Supporters of the New College of Virginia were upset when a higher education council didn't endorse their proposal. - Read More

Southside college proposal debated

Jan 14, 2005 - Richmond Times-Dispatch: Senate panel holds hearing in light of skeptical report from the State Council of Higher Education. - Read More

More study is recommended by SCHEV

Jan 14, 2005 - The Roanoke Times: The State Council of Higher Education in Virginia has recommended delaying the creation of a four-year college in Southside until more study can be done to determine if one is really needed. - Read More

Warner reassuring on college

Jan 14, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Gov. Mark Warner stood strong for the proposed Southside college and told the community "don't lose heart". - Read More

Area has tourist hot-spot potential

Jan 14, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Henry County and Martinsville could be a fisherman's dream and a vacation hot spot for nature enthusiasts. - Read More

SCHEV urges more study on proposal for university

Jan 13, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Gov. Mark Warner urged the General Assembly to approve initial funds for a college in Southside despite SCHEV's contrasting recommendation. - Read More

Report doesn't daunt officials

Jan 13, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Local officials are challenging the conclusions of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) report on a proposed university in Southside. - Read More

Initiative aims to improve senior transit

Jan 10, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: A national group is working with local leaders to develop ways to improve transit services for older Henry County and Martinsville residents. - Read More

Allen: Local college offers hope

Jan 6, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: Sen. George Allen, R-Va., not only supports the New College of Virginia, but he supports it in Henry County and Martinsville. - Read More

Sports complex study begins

Jan 6, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: The study of a proposed sports complex for Henry County and Martinsville should be finished in about six months. - Read More

Aide: Allen committed to college

Jan 4, 2005 - Martinsville Bulletin: U.S. Sen. George Allen, R-Va., is keeping an eye on the development of the New College of Virginia and will work to get federal funding when the plan is "further along." - Read More


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