Dan River Basin Association

Organization Information:
Executive Director: Tiffany Haworth
Local Contact: Brian Williams
Phone: 276.634.2545
Fax: 276.634.2513
Office Address: 3300 Kings Mountain Road, Martinsville, VA
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 7, Collinsville, VA 24078
Email: bwilliams@danriver.org
Website: www.danriver.org

The Dan River Basin Association preserves and promotes the natural and cultural resources of the Dan River Basin through stewardship, recreation and education.

The Dan River Basin Association envisions an economically vibrant bi-state community with a regional identity, where people enjoy easy access to healthy rivers, parks, trails and heritage attractions.

The Dan River Basin Association works to: preserve the river corridor with a series of municipal, county, and state parks and trails; increase public access to rivers; build constituency for the rivers and outdoor recreation through monthly outings; protect water quality by instituting stream monitoring across the Basin; promote regional nature and heritage tourism; and bridge boundaries to create a bi-state borderland community.

The Dan River Basin Association has four key program areas:


Promote stewardship by encouraging policies and practices that support healthy water and clean air throughout the Dan River Basin.


Improve opportunities for river- and trail-based recreation throughout the Dan River Basin.


Provide education and outreach regarding the history and significance of the natural and cultural treasures of the Dan River Basin and the importance of restoring and preserving these resources.

Regional Identity

Promote a regional identity and support regional tourism based on the shared river heritage of communities throughout the Dan River Basin.

Grants Awarded to Dan River Basin Association:
Nov 19, 2015 $ 176,366 over 2 years to support a formalized flow regulation scheduled for the Smith River, expand the Citizen Water Quality Monitoring Program (CWQM), and to develop a master plan for Martinsville and Henry County with representatives from city and county municipalities   current grant
Apr 28, 2011 $ 603,500 over 3 years to Dan River Basin Association for Phase III of the Community Connections through Rivers and Trails project
Jul 29, 2009 $ 8,095 over 1 year to enhance the Uptown Spur Trail
Dec 11, 2008 $ 433,800 over 2 years to fund the Community Connections: Rivers & Trails Phase Two in Martinsville & Henry County
Dec 13, 2007 $ 216,075 over 1 year for the Community Connections through Rivers and Trails program. This project will expand community engagement in restoring healthy rivers through outreach and education. DRBA has already successfully created facilities where residents and visitors can access the Smith River to fish, boat, or view the natural setting, and this project will continue building on existing partnerships to create a connected system of river, trails and greenways in Martinsville and Henry County
Dec 14, 2006 $ 87,495 over 1 year to assist the Dan River Basin Association in the development of the Gravely Nature Preserve in Southern Henry County
Aug 6, 2005 $ 95,000 over 1 year to support the launch of the Mayo and Smith River Initiative. This effort seeks to improve outdoor recreational opportunities for local residents and visitors and will help advance the $400,000 grant announced recently by the federal government. Both the Southern Environmental Law Center and Dan River Basin Association are engaged in this project and will use Harvest Foundation grant money for costs associated with it


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