Spencer-Penn School Preservation Organization, Inc.

Organization Information:
Executive Director: Mary Jordan
Phone: 276-957-5757
Fax: 276-957-5757
Office Address: 475 Spencer-Penn Road, Spencer, VA 24165
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 506, Spencer, VA 24165
Email: spspo04@yahoo.com
Website: www.thecentreatspencerpenn.com

 The Spencer-Penn School Preservation Organization provides a center for education and other special community-wide events for Spencer and surrounding areas by preserving the facilities, history, artifacts, and pride of the Spencer-Penn School. Areas of focus range from the performing and creative arts to the creation of a community library. 



Grants Awarded to Spencer-Penn School Preservation Organization, Inc.:
Nov 17, 2016 $ 403,019 over 3 years to fund the MAP Collaborative with Boys and Girls Club, a partnership with parents, personnel from Henry County Public Schools and Martinsville City Public Schools, to build on the learning that happens during the school day. The program also will address the issue of summer learning loss. (Spencer Penn Center is fiscal agent.)  current grant
Jul 14, 2015 $ 10,000 over 3 months to fund the SPICE program
May 8, 2008 $ 144,972 over 3 years to fund the Spencer-Penn Outreach and Sustainability Project. This project will help establish Spencer-Penn as a regional host for high quality cultural programming serving all of Henry County and providing the organization with a continued stream of revenue. SPSPO will also enhance programming aimed at reaching out to senior citizens throughout western Henry County.
Mar 30, 2006 $ 137,000 over 1 year to increase the organizational capacity and improve the physical plant of the newly formed Spencer-Penn Center.


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