Pick Up the Pace! Grants

The Pick Up the Pace! (PUP) Grant Program is a competitive, small-grants program designed to engage people and organizations in the transformation of Martinsville and Henry County through expanded conversation and action around neighborhood and community issues. 

Our goal is to spark new ideas, collaborations and positive change that will help us all to "pick up the pace" towards creating a community of choice.  

Organizations interested in applying should first read our objectives and criteria, as well as our application process and restrictions.  If your organization and request falls within these guidelines, click here to begin the application process.

Click here to begin the PUP! Application Process.

PUP Objectives

  • To encourage collaborative thinking, brainstorming and partnerships that spark new, innovative ideas that will lead to positive change in neighborhoods and communities in Martinsville and Henry County
  • To provide funding for short-term projects or start-up initiatives (completed in 6 months or less) that engage the passion of individuals, grassroots efforts, religious entities, and the non-profit community
  • To produce results that will positively impact the residents of Martinsville and Henry County, going beyond those served by the applicant organization

PUP Grant Application Criteria

  • Grant recipients must be a recognized nonprofit organization, religious institution or local governmental entity. The recipient can be a “fiscal sponsor” for others, as long as the purpose is charitable
  • A passionate project leader is crucial for this request. It must be a new project that clearly defines how and why the effort will benefit the community and what the benefit will be
  • Benefits must be concrete and tangible to people in Martinsville/Henry County
  • The impact of the project must go beyond the applicant organization and its clients and services
  • Funds are to be used for charitable purposes and must benefit communities or neighborhoods, rather than just those served by the applicant organization
  • Funds provided by HF will need to be used in 6 months or less.
  • Pick Up the Pace! Grants (PUP) are only open to organizations that do NOT have a current grant with HF or have not received a PUP grant in the last 12 months

PUP Application Process

The grant application process for PUP is simple and quick:

  • An online application can be accessed through The Harvest Foundation website. Applicants are asked to provide information explaining the new idea/project with amount requested and any matching cash and/or in-kind contributions; the project description should include community benefits, anticipated results, timeline for implementation (within 6 months or less), strategic partners, and long-term impact on the community. A project budget and supporting documents from the recipient organization must also be included with the application. (Click here to begin application.)
  • Project/grant decisions will be made in three weeks or less by The Harvest Foundation Program Team. 

PUP! Grant Restrictions

The PUP Grant Program DOES NOT fund:

  • General core programs or operations because of budget shortfalls and budget cuts;
  • Grant requests that directly benefit only one organization or its clients and services;
  • Grants to individuals, faith-based institutions for religious purposes, or for dinners, fundraisers, or sponsorships;
  • Grants to for-profit entities or efforts;
  • Grants that supplant or substitute for existing funding;
  • Broad, unfocused requests; and 
  • Requests that cannot be completed in 6 months or require more than $10,000 from The Harvest Foundation


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