Board Profiles

William Gardner - Chairperson, Communication Committee

“It’s time to focus on moving forward,” Gardner said. “My initial goal in this world is to make positive change, and I believe that serving on the Harvest Youth Board is my first step in getting there.”

School: Magna Vista High School


Finley Underwood - Vice Chairperson, Grants Committee

“I feel that my current standing as a student in Magna Vista High School’s Warrior Tech Program offers me valuable insight into many of the challenges faced in our area,” he said, adding that he is familiar with the area’s history. “I want to do all that I can to help restore vitality to the area and make it a place where everyone wants to work, play and live.”

School: Magna Vista High School

Matthew Wells - Treasurer, Special Events Committee

"Knowing that a group of young people with big dreams for our area will be discussing ways to help the community inspires me to want to be a part of the Harvest Youth Board. This organization will make Martinsville, Virginia a better place in the coming years and I truly want to be a part of this youth-led program that helps many different people in numerous ways."

School: Bassett High School

Madison Ross - Secretary, Communication Committee

"Growing up in a small town has its challenges. We hear about them almost every day in the news. Through the Youth Board, we are given the opportunity, we well as the means, to do amazing things for our area. If I were chosen to be a part of the Harvest Youth Board, I would aspire to become a voice for the youth in our community and help to find ways to create a lasting influence in our town."

School: Bassett High School

Corey Brandon - Communication Committee Chair

"Personally, the growth of Martinsville-Henry County (MHC) is something that has always been important to me, and this is an opportunity for me to act on it. It distresses me to hear parents in the community encourage their children to 'get out' of the area. The Harvest Youth Board is an opportunity to make our community a place where people want their children to stay and be successful."

School: Magna Vista High School

Taylor Jo Gary - Grants Committee Chair

“Because of my travel with competitive dance I have seen firsthand how events can help the economy of a community. Community service should start at a young age, Gary said, and Youth Board members become role models for other young people. “I would like for the board to research a program for our younger students to learn the value of giving back and value of volunteerism. In doing this we may spark more interest in leadership in our community and leadership,” she said. 

School: Bassett High School


Anne Catherine Harris - Special Events Committee Chair

"I hear people in high school say all the time, 'I cannot wait to graduate, go off to college and never come back.' This statement is heartbreaking for me and I, along with the Harvest Youth Board, would like the opportunity to change their perspective of this community. I feel we live in a great community and need to continue to cultivate great experiences for our friends and families."

School: Bassett High School

Savannah Brown - Communications Committee

"I wanted to serve on the Youth Board because I wanted the opportunity to serve those around me, grow in leadership, and to help make genuine, positive change in my community."

School: Martinsville High School

Jaydon Carter - Special Events Committee

"Martinsville-Henry County is filled with so much diversity, and if we all strive for the advancement of our dreams, we can turn Martinsville upside down and make it into something that it has never been before." 

School: Magna Vista High School

Cristiano Di Maro - Grants Committee

"I joined the Youth Board because I want to see my community soar to new levels and the Harvest Youth Board is how I can be a part of that change."

School: Carlisle

Piper Doughton - Special Events Committee

"At school, I heard about this program called the Harvest Youth Board that was putting on a Thanksgiving Eve dinner. What an amazing idea! So many people were helped and the community was touched. After this event, I became interested in the Harvest Youth Board and wanted to know more about what they do. ... I hope to bring my creativity, knowledge of business, and work ethic to the Harvest Youth Board to improve our community any way I can. I can’t wait to get out and get involved!"

School: Bassett High School

Caleb Jenkins - Grants Committee

" I joined the Harvest Youth Board in order to work alongside peers to promote and encourage youth opportunities in our community. I am committed to seeing my hometown of Martinsville and Henry County thrive and develop and am eager to be engaged with community efforts that will promote its success. I hope to encourage others to see our hometown as a community of choice, a place where we each can build a successful future. I truly look forward to being a part of this board and am honored to serve as a youth representative."

School: Magna Vista High School

Olivia Keller - Grants Committee

"One of the most important reasons I wanted to join the Harvest Youth Board is to help bring Martinsville-Henry County back to its full potential again."

School: Martinsville High School


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